The FreeStyle Family
Has a Solution for You

The FreeStyle family of glucose monitoring systems provides you with simple ways to monitor your diabetes and learn more about your glucose data so that you and your healthcare provider can optimize your treatment plan.

Which FreeStyle systems should I consider?

Professional Continuous
Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

See up to 14 days of continuous trends in your glucose data by wearing a small sensor.


Blood Glucose Monitoring

Get your glucose reading quickly from a tiny drop of blood for an in-the-moment check.


Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

Our blood glucose monitoring systems help you to minimize the pain and inconvenience of testing through fast, highly accurate results from a tiny drop of blood.


FreeStyle Lite

Compact and portable. Perfect for on the go testing.

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FreeStyle Freedom Lite

FreeStyle Freedom Lite

Large, easy to read display. Comfortable to hold.

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FreeStyle InsuLinx

FreeStyle InsuLinx

The meter that logs insulin doses and glucose readings.

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FreeStyle Precision Neo

FreeStyle Precision Neo

The slim, ultra-lightweight meter with over the counter test strips.

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Professional CGM System

The More You Can See,
The More You Can Do

The FreeStyle Libre Pro system allows your healthcare provider to place a small sensor on back of your upper arm that records up to 14 days of continuous glucose data. Your healthcare provider then downloads the data, revealing trends and patterns that can be used to optimize your diabetes treatment plan.

lady apply sensor

Painless application1 of the small sensor


Snapshot of a person’s glucose levels reveals patterns of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and glycemic variability throughout the day.

Data Management

Upload your data into the cloud for your BGM / CGM through our LibreView* platform.

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